Friday, July 10, 2020

The Princess and the Witch

This story was submitted to the 500Words.Me's Black Lives Matter story competition in July 2020. The entry went through to the second round, being selected among the top 2500 entries to be read by Reading Agency. Though the story did not go beyond that selection, the story has an interesting moral. The winning entry was by I FEEL OUT OF CONTROL by Sara.

The Princess and the Witch

Once upon a time there lived a black princess named Mia. One day, when Mia was asleep, an evil white witch named Aradia cast a dickory dickory dock; climb up my evil potion clock spell on the princess  in the night. 

When Mia work up, she tip-toed to her bedroom and started planning a party because her birthday was coming up. Mia was very excited and joyful. After planning her birthday party, she sat down with her phone to call her friends and family for her party. 

In the evening, Mia stood outside her castle welcoming all her friends to her party. Aradia followed her and cast another spell, Thunder, thunder; let her party blunder. Right after her spell, thunder scorched across the sky rumbling and the clouds became full of rain.

It got wet and watery so the princess’s party was cancelled and all her friends and family rushed back home. After that it was just Mia and Aradia. Aradia pulled her into a cave, which led Mia into a big underground town. 

In the town, Mia first saw a gorgeous tower. She started climbing the tower and when she reached to the top, she saw a colourful, village full of witches a little distance down.

She walked to the village and knocked on one of the huts and a girl opened the door. 

“Hello, what is your name?” asked the princess.

“Hi, my name is Alice.“ responded the girl.

“I was wondering if you could help me get rid of that witch because she is evil”

“You need to use your Black Power and fight against her evil power”, said Alice

“Oh, is that why the witch is troubling me?” 

“Yes, your majesty” 

Alice said witches often treated people based on their colour. It turns out however that the village also has many good witches, among whom one was Alice.

“But how do I get out of this underground town?” 

“You need to win over the witch, either by brain or by heart” 

Mia called upon Aradia to a duel to see if she can change Aradia’s mind. 

First Aradia cast a spell. A giant, white arrow pointed towards the princess came hurtling to destroy her but she moved swiftly to the left and instead it attacked the witch but nothing happened because it was her white own arrow. 

Then princess Mia cast a spell, Woody wood; make her good. A black triangle went henceforward and attacked the witch Aradia. Aradia realized she was evil and turned back to good. 

The princess then proclaimed to Aradia “You used to be evil but are now good. You shouldn’t attack and kill people based on their race that was why I cast a spell to make you realize your mistakes.”

“Thanks, Princess” replied Aradia and brought the princess back to her castle.

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