Friday, April 30, 2021

The lost alien

This entry went on to be judged as runners up at Creative Writing Competition conducted by Oxbridge Center, April 2021. In the competition, a story had to be written within a 500 words related to the given picture. Presented below is the picture and the story

The lost alien 

Deep into the outer space, there were three amiable aliens: Eyebeam, OneI and Bobble-o-head. 

Eyebeam was this exceedingly gregarious and merry alien with a wide grin spread across his pale, periwinkle pink face. 

OneI was named “One eye” because he never got another eye, unlike both of his other mates. He was often very emotional about it and frequently began squalling, as most aliens have a couple of eyes. 

Bobble-o-head peculiarly had two necks, but that wasn’t the peculiar thing - it was that he wasn’t very amiable. Instead, he was extremely silent and often solitarily lonesome. Whenever something happened, Bobble-o-head would keep quiet and not inform anybody. Despite his sulky behaviour, Bobble-o-head still supported his friends encouragingly. 

Despite each aliens’ behaviour, they all lived in a village of aliens on a planet named Boo. 

One day, Eyebeam’s mother named Goglara had built a fantastic, divine rocket for travelling around the other planets named Agon. Eyebeam was so amazed at the invention of Agon that he couldn’t prevent himself from telling his friends. So he collected them and excitedly asked them whether they could go on a quick trip around some of the awesome, stunning planets. OneI had casually danced about sprightly as a version of “yes” whereas Bobble-o-head just nodded meekly.

OneI and Bobble-o-head asked their parents before they set off on their journey. They packed some alien food: Worm-spaghetti, troll bogeys, etc. 

On the exciting, ecstatic ride on Agon and when OneI and Eyebeam had both got in the rocket and began munching on a revolting troll bogey, Bobble-o-head was just trying to get in when Eyebeam and OneI realized that Agon accelerated too fast, and Bobble-o-head wasn’t given as much time to board, so he accidentally let go and ended up floating up to nowhere in the outer space, screeching and shrieking for help.

Eyebeam’s mother Goglara heard his screeches, and set off on another of her rockets to go and save him. 

‘I’ll fly you on my rocket named Plush,’ she had said, ‘And I’ll drop you back in the rocket in which your friends are in.’ 

Bobble-o-head had given an approving thumbs up, and so Goglara did what she said she would. 

When Goglara placed Bobble-o-head back in Agon, all three aliens jubilantly enjoyed their ride around the planets and returned safely back to their abode, with Goglara exceedingly pleased that Bobble-o-head was saved. So pleased and merry, in fact, she invited them all for a round of  durian juice and cobweb pie made of mud, eyeballs and dirty, rusty socks, to which all the 3 felt elated! 

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The lost alien

This entry went on to be judged as runners up at Creative Writing Competition conducted by Oxbridge Center , April 2021. In the competition...