Saturday, February 20, 2021

The Campfire in the Haunted Woods

 This entry went on to win a certificate of merit award from Young Writers UK for an original piece of creative writing that was also selected for publication in a young writers' anthology. In the competition, a fairy tale had to be written within a 100 words, with 4 sections, the last of which was a picture to describe the story. Presented below is the picture and the story

The Campfire in the Haunted Woods

One day, three elegant girls named Lucia, Florida and Daisybella were camping in the woods.

The three girls found a tranquil place to camp. Lucia set up the campfire while Florida told spooky ghost stories. "I've made us hot tomato soup," said Lucia.

When they had their delicious dinner, they slept in their tents. While they were asleep, a witch from the sky flew where they were sleeping.

"I'll kill you three girls!" cackled the dark witch.

"No you will not!" responded a firm voice.

An angel had come to protect the girls by casting a powerful spell.

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