Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Picnic

 (This story was submitted to Young Wild Writers competition for Hen Harriers Day 2020.)

The Picnic

Avyaya Iyer, London

It was a sunny day when the Squirrel family went for a picnic in the park. In the park, there were lots of other families - Butterfly, Bee and Ladybug. 

The children of the squirrel family, Girl Squirrel and Boy squirrel, went to see the flowers with the butterflies and bees carrying nectar in their hand, while Baby Squirrel was sitting with her parents. They had acorns for their lunch.  Mummy Squirrel and Daddy Squirrel had huge acorns and some oranges. The bees were collecting nectar from flowers and creating honey in their beehive. 

A bear crept from the side and stole the sweet honey from the bees. The bees got furious and the other animal families laughed and giggled. The ladybugs were flying around eating little insects that eat plants. Soon the bear walked away when it finished eating the yummy, sticky, sweet honey made by the bees. 

Mummy and Daddy squirrel finished their big acorn and orange juice by that time and called Girl and Boy squirrel to play cricket with each other. Baby Squirrel was watching the bees make honey to eat for lunch. Baby Squirrel gave it a little lick, but she didn’t like it. 

A cute, small kitten with turquoise eyes meowed and sashayed to join the picnic in the park. she walked up to the pond where there were lots of ducks, swans, geese and even cygnets. The kitten was about to catch a fish when a duck snatched it from the kitten with his beak. Splash! The kitten fell in the pond while the duck pulled the fish away from her. Luckily, kittens and cats can swim. So the duck and the kitten started fighting with each other for the fish in the water.

In the meanwhile, Butterfly family, Bee family and the Squirrel family all played eye spy. 

“Eye spy with my little eye, something blue” babbled Baby Bee. 

“Sky!” said Girl Butterfly. 

“Eye spy with my eye, something beginning with ‘g‘ “ said Mummy Squirrel. 

“Grass!” said Daddy Squirrel. 

“I guess we’re having fun with this.” said Little Ladybug. 

While they played eye spy, the kitten and the duck had already finished their fight and the duck got the fish. The kitten needed some help swimming out of the pond as it tried to catch another fish this time. The bear swam in the pond and caught the fish the kitten wanted but pushed her out of the pond. The kitten gave up on her fish and looked for a rat to eat. 

Then, a wind started to blow. The animals started to panic when their picnic items got blown by  the wind. The butterflies tried to fly and catch their food but the wind blew it. After a while, it was sunny and calm again. A new farm was just around the corner. All the families went to the farm and got some food, honey, acorns, apples, and nectar. They had a wonderful picnic with their new food. 

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